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The peculiarity of this course is that sketching is considered as a form of design, dialogue and representation. How to choose a technique and take advantage of materials? How to create a competent drawing, understandable to manufacturers and builders? How to make wow-sketch for architectural publications and graphics as art for your own interior project?

In addition, the advantage of this course is that it consists of master classes of the artist, a successful designer and a teacher, who shares not only his skill, but also his professional experience.

About the Teacher
Ivan Basov
Was born in Moscow, Russia. Ivan is a graduate of the Moscow Children's Art School them. Serov and the School «Start». In 2013 he graduated from the Moscow State Art and Industry Academy them. Stroganoff. In 2018, Mr. Ivan Basov received a diploma of professional retraining in the teacher of artistic disciplines.
Member of the Moscow Union of Artists since 2017.
Has started to work by a trade since 2011. Worked in companies: «Creative Workshops of Sergey Surovtsev and Peter Bragovsky», studio of industrial design «Art Up», bureau «1/1», SILA MAZHOROV.
From 2010 to 2014 — a teacher at the MHPA them. Stroganoff.
Currently Ivan is an architect at the «Megre Interiors» bureau and a teacher at the British Higher School of Art&Design.
Course program
  • 1. Introduction

    2. Basics of constructing space with a grid

    3. Building interior in the frontal perspective

    4. Textures | Watercolor, pencil, markers

    5. Chiaroscuro | Cubic forms objects

    6. Chiaroscuro | Spherical shapes objects

    7. Image of daylight and artificial light

    8. Building an interior in a corner perspective

    9. Portfolio using sketches

    10. Final Assignment

Learning process
  • Training takes place remotely. Video lessons are available at any time convenient for you. You receive a link to access the first unit and you can view the lessons any number of times and at any convenient time within the duration of the course;
  • You will get access to the course review no later than 9:00 (MSC) on the appointed day of the course start.
  • During the whole term of the course, you receive technical support: notifications, reminders, answers to technical questions, technical assistance.
  • Video tutorials contain practical tasks. Some lessons are available only after completing the practical tasks of the previous lessons;
  • For each lesson of the course, you have the opportunity to consult a teacher on the course feed by attaching a file, a photo or by simply asking a question. Photograph work for assignments and publish them on the feed of the lesson page under the video.
  • Complete assignments at any time convenient for you during the course;
  • The teacher comments on the completed tasks, points out mistakes, approves or asks for work to be resubmitted. Until the teacher accepts a practical task for some lessons, you cannot continue learning in the next block (stop-lessons are marked accordingly). In extremely exceptional cases, the course administrator can grant you access to the block or the whole course after the treatment;
  • You communicate with the teacher all the time; he/she will answer all questions. Do not expect the presence of an online teacher permanently.
  • The teacher has the right not to respond to messages on social networks or through other means of communication, except for a chat on the Artclever platform;
  • After the course of the educational institution-partner Artclever you get an official certificate (with links to all partners).
  • In the near future, courses will have subtitles in Russian and English, and an online chat translator.
  • At the end of the beta testing period, the site will be available in English and in Chinese.
  • You have the opportunity to extend the access to video lessons for 7 days, without communication with the teachers and without the possibility of sending new works.
  • Refund guarantee.
    We guarantee a refund at your request. You can claim a refund within 48 hours of the course beginning. If the course is made by Artclever, you need to submit a request for a refund by writing to info@artclever.com. If the course is made in conjunction with a partner, you must contact the administration of the partner institution during business hours.
    ATTENTION: the payment system commission is 1 - 5% of the payment amount depending on the method of payment and is not refundable.
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Art Materials
  • 1. Drawing pencils 2B, 4B
  • 2. A set of gray markers Touch Twin Brush «cool gray»
  • 3. Set of color double-sided markers from 24 colors: Copic / Touch / Promarker, etc. if you want to use it
  • 4. Black liners: 0.5, 1 (Faber-Castell / Edding) or black gel pen
  • 5. Brushpen Faber-Castell black or gray
  • 6. Watercolor (any)
  • 7. Paper for markers A4 (density 60-70 g/m): Copic / Letraset / Canson, etc.
  • 8. Tracing paper Canson in sheets A4.
  • 9. Office paper A4 (optional for sketches)
  • 10. Eraser
  • 11. Ruler 30 cm
Course Price
Choose your preferrable course format
LITE version
4 weeks
10 topics
22 lessons
  • +2 bonus weeks with feedbacks
  • A review of the finished work
  • Accompanied learning
  • A certificate of an accomplished course, signed by the author of the course
  • Self-study without checking assignments: you complete assignments on your own.
  • You receive a detailed review from Ivan Basov, but only for the final work within the course.
  • You receive all related materials for lessons, links, resources and much more in pdf by e-mail.
  • The Artclever team fully supports your learning process: coordination, technical assistance, mailing lists with assignments and reminders.
Full cost
199 $
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